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Modded Downloads (Java)

Biomes O' Plenty

Endergetic Expansion

Installation Instructions and Information

The following information pertains to OptiFine users.
Because Biomes O'Plenty utilizes colormaps for their custom biomes, this pack add-on will look best if Custom Colors are disabled in OptiFine's settings.

As such, placement of the packs within the Resource Pack menu is important. Placing the packs in this configuration yields this result:

Placing the packs in the opposite order or without the default leaves add-on yields this result:

For this reason, placement of the packs in the first order (with Biomes O' Plenty on the top and the main pack on the bottom) is recommended, but they can be freely toggled between the two configurations at any time or to your own liking.

Bedrock Downloads


1). Do you own all of the textures?
2). Will you ever put this pack up on the Minecraft Marketplace?
Maybe, if I can manage to get it on there with no cost to the user.